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My team of licensed Mortgage Brokers will search over 100 lenders to get you the best mortgage rate & product that best fit your needs. We deal with new mortgages, refinancing, and many special situations with a 100% Approval Rate — Everyone gets approved! 

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I am Rate-Shopping

You have an approval from your bank but you feel that there are better deals out there. Let us know what rate to beat, and we’ll beat it, simple as that!

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I am Self-Employed

Can’t prove your real income? Many banks treat self-employed and commission sales as second-class citizens. Luckily we know lenders that want your business without sacrificing your rate.

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New Job, Mat Leave, Contract

The big-5 banks won’t approve you, just because you changed jobs. Don’t get discouraged. We have a lender that will accept your new job while you are on probation.

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Buying a Rental or 2nd Home

The big-5 banks will structure your mortgage exactly how you tell them, however, what you say may work against your rate or insurance premium. We have creative solutions to work in your favor. Let’s talk!

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Home Equity Loans

You have been in your home for at least 1 year and would like to turn your equity into a loan or line of credit at an interest rate much lower than a loan or credit card. Ideal for renovations or debt consolidations.

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Renewal or Refinance

Don’t just accept your bank’s rate! We will renew your existing mortgage with the option for additional funds to renovate, consolidate or invest. With the lowest rate, we will free-up your monthly cash-flow.

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I have Bruised Credit

If your credit history is not perfect, you can still get a good mortgage rate. We can find an A, B, or a private solution that will look at your overall situation, not just your credit score.

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Less Than 20% Down Payment?

Haven’t saved up 20% or more downpayment? That’s OK! With Insurers like CMHC/Genworth, the minimum down payment required is 5%. Don’t let the amount of savings hold you back from getting that perfect place.

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In addition to consolidating debt and home equity loans, there are more products we offer. And it’s all FREE.

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  1. There are two major companies who hold your credit reports are Equifax and TransUnion.
  2. Credit scores range from 300-900 (you need at least a 680 to qualify for mortgage “A-Lending” as these are CMHC and Genworth’s criteria).
  3. Payment History is worth 35% of your total score. Be sure to make payments on time, the longer past due, the lower the score. Frequency is also a factor, the number of times you are late. This also applies to bankruptcies, liens, mortgages, and judgments.
  4. Amounts Owed is worth 30% of your score. Are you maxed out on all your credit cards? If you don’t want to have this affecting you then be sure to use only 75% of your credit limit. If your limit is $5000 don’t use more than $3750 or it will affect your mortgage credit score.
  5. Length of Credit History is worth 15% of your score. How long have you had your loan/credit card for? Have you been using your credit cards recently prior to getting a mortgage?
  6. New Credit is worth 10% of your score. Make sure you do not apply for credit too often. Newly activated accounts may lower your score. Also, make sure you do NOT have your credit checked too many times when applying for a mortgage. This will lower your score. They want to make sure you are not living beyond your means.
  7. Types of Credit you use are worth 10% of your score. Watch out if you have several credit cards with high limits. This could mean that at anytime you can max these out and have a financial hardship because unlike installment loans, you do not need re-approval to reach the maximum limit. NOTE: If you are the person who likes paying with cash, make sure you use your credit card at least once a month to boost your credit score to get the ideal mortgage rate.

Jason found a more flexible mortgage

“I would use Search Mortgage again for any future mortgage needs. They are very knowledgeable and always returns my calls. He put me in a mortgage that was half line of credit, half mortgage, I had no clue this product even existed!” Jason Nylund, Toronto

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Don’t Just Take Your Bank’s “Exclusive Rate”.

5 Reasons To Shop Around With A Broker:

Lower Rates vs. Better Rates

Lowest Rates – If you’re looking for the lowest rates, chances are your big-5 bank will not have it. The lowest rates are usually offered by financial institutions and financial institutions only work with the mortgage broker channel, therefore, consumers cannot go directly to these financial institutions to get these ultra-low rates, you must use a mortgage broker! Better Rates – If you shop around with a mortgage broker, we can find better rates and products that suit your situation better than the regular mortgage products being offered by your bank. We often get better deals than you at your own big-5 bank. A broker can save you thousands. In most cases, we can even guarantee the lowest rate! Did You Know…that TD has the highest prime rate of the big-5 banks? This means although their variable might be advertised at Prime minus .5% however, their prime rate is actually higher than everyone else, misleading, don’t you think!? Second chances – Even if you’re turned down by a big-5 bank, we might still get you a deal with an A-lender (bigger banks that offer better rates). How? We know which lenders use which rules to qualify you. Know Disadvantages Of Ultra-Low Rates – A low rate can be deceptive. You might get a low rate on your mortgage, but if you sell early or refinance, your bank may punish you using a higher posted rate. We can find you the same rate without that risk. Or we can find you a better mortgage altogether that will serve you better. Sometimes a higher rate can save you money in the long term or improve your cash flow in the short-term.

Better Mortgage Options

We have relationships with over 100 lenders. We can find you diverse and flexible options not offered by the big banks. Here are some ways we’ve made our clients’ mortgages more flexible:

Count a greater % of your rental income Purchase with as little as 5% down

Pay Interest-Only = More cash in your pocket 35-Year Am Mortgages

Mortgage & Credit-Line Combo Non-Provable Income.

One Institution, One set of products – Utilizing a mortgage broker gives you access to an array of lenders, hence pinpointing what is vital to you, the consumer, and securing the product. When going to one of the big banks there are so many other products, rates, and terms that are not available to you. One financial institution can only work within their guidelines and fit you in a box that you might necessarily not fit in.

1 Credit Check = 100+ Lender Options & Save Your Score

Finance Smarter! Get more options and protect your credit score. Every bank you get a quote from will run a credit check, which will lower your credit score. When we shop around for you, we’ll do a single credit check so we don’t hurt your credit score, even if we’re checking dozens of lenders.

Lower Penalties & No Pressure Sales

Did you know – The Big-5 banks have the highest payout penalty out of all A-lending mortgage institutions. If you were to break your mortgage to refinance or sold your home, the big-5’s penalty is based on the interest rate difference (money they lost) on the posted rate vs. the real rate you received. Banks show a “posted rate” usually 2% higher than what you would really get and say “because you’ve been banking with us for X years, we’re going to discount our posted rate of 4.74% to 2.74%” but in fact, the real reason is to gauge you if you ever decide to break your mortgage. Banking with High-Pressure Sales – In a recent article by CBC, thousands of employees from all big-5 banks have come forward about management forcing unrealistic sales quotas, unethical sales tactics and in turn, putting clients in the wrong financial product. You must remember these financial planners are also selling RRSP’s, GIC’s, Visa’s as well as mortgages. They don’t work full time in mortgages and therefore won’t be able to service you the way you should and offering products that you should be in saving you thousands.

Our Mortgage Rate Shopping Services Are FREE

Save More Money! We get paid a commission by the bank where you get your mortgage, but we don’t work for banks. We are not loyal to any bank or lender. We work for you. That’s why we’ll sometimes use our own commission to buy down your rate – so you get an even better mortgage rate!

Beware The Cheapo, Zero Service Guys

Some companies will drop their rates below competition to the point that they have no money left to offer any service. Your mortgage is important. Avoid sloppy or last-minute paperwork. We’ve seen it, and trust us. You want this to go smoothly. When you get a mortgage through us, we take care of everything. We ask for documents upfront, so it’s all ready for the big day. No last minute surprises.

Our Rate And Approval Guarantee

We want you to get a mortgage that meets your needs rather than worry about rates. That’s why we’ll beat any rate you see. Even if 30 days from now you find a lower rate, we’ll beat it. Everyone gets approved! And you will not have to sacrifice on service.

Let’s Talk About It!

We’ll look at your unique situation and offer 2-3 options for you to choose from. We work with only licensed and insured lenders. A smaller lender can offer a better mortgage than your big bank. Let us shop around for you!

We respond within 1 hour on weekdays. No obligation. You’re just shopping around.

Get help from Sterling Wong and his team of mortgage specialists…Finance the Smart Way!

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